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Cold, flu and respiratory infections

Respiratory infections are due to viruses which are able to invade the body when the immune system is weakened due to flu, colds or exposure to extreme cold, humidity or dusty air.

Herbal treatments can help in the beginning stages of the disease, before pneumonia sets in. In the acute stage of the disease, the treatment should be administered only in a hospital. The herbal treatment is aimed at strengthening  the immune system, encouraging or suppressing coughs, and eliminating infection.

Drugs that fight infections, spasms, and bacteria of the infected mucus of the mouth, trachea, and bronchial tube are used. Such herbs include peppermint and thyme.

More interesting information about bronchitis and BronchoPam is published in a study by the American Botanical Council called Mistletoe: Good for More Than Free Kisses, HerbalGram. 2005; 68:50-59 American Botanical Council

Mistletoe: Good for more than free kisses 

In our next blog we will talk about Chronic Bronchitis.

By Dr. Pamukoff, MD

Dr. Pamukoff (Dr. Pamukov) is a world-famous doctor renowned as one of the founders of Scientific Phytotherapy. Scientific Phytotherapy is a medical discipline that examines the biochemical components of healing herbs and their remedial effect using modern research methods. He has worked with medicinal plants since 1942.

Now in his late 80’s he still invents new formulas based on his unique experience and knowledge about good health.

Dr. Pamukoff has won many international awards including the award of the State Administration for Traditional Chinese Medicine, granted to very few leading scientists outside of China for their exceptional contribution to the advancement of natural medicine.

Over 2 million copies of his books have been printed in several languages. His most famous books are entitled Natural Pharmacy (the title has been also translated by some authors as Nature’s Pharmacy, both translations are correct), first edition in 1981. Another famous book is Home Pharmacy, first published in 1992.

Over 540,000 patients from all over the world have been cured in his Scientific Phytotherapy Clinic with herbal remedies. Dr. Pamukoff has been so popular and successful that he established one of the first Phytotherapy practices in Europe that has been officially working for a Ministry of Health with the task of combating difficult medical conditions such as obesity, asthma and epilepsy. It became one of the pioneering and leading natural clinics worldwide. In 2007 Dr. Pamukoff initiated PAM MEDICA, an international entity with head office in London that focuses on research and development of new Phytotherapy formulas as well as their production and marketing.

Many celebrities have been treated in the clinic of Dr. Pamukoff – actors, singers, writers, scientists as well as politicians. A section devoted to the scientific work of Dr. Pamukoff and the Scientific Phytotherapy Clinic is written in the historic book ‘'Green Pharmacy’' (London 1981) by Barbara Griggs. The book presented an authoritative study on the history and evolution of herbal medicine and received excellent reviews by leading scientists and journalists.

More interesting information about plants as medicines on 

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